Yashtimadhu Powder – 1 kg Value Pack

  • Fine powder of high quality Mulethi root for optimal and desired function.
  • 100% veg & natural Licorice in powder form, easy to use for all genders.
  • No fillers added, Pure ocimum sanctum glycyrrhiza glabra
  • May help in Stomach disorders, respiration and Nervous system
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Yashtimadhu is also known as Mulethi / Licorice/ Glycyrrhizza glabra which is synergistically processed with highly advanced technology. Our Company is India’s largest online selling brand in pure herbal powders. This product is Halal certified & ingredients in this product are natural & vegetarian. Our Research team has identified few herbs mentioned in traditional texts with their monograph & healing properties & introduced them as Herbal Supplements & powder. Our Licorice powder can be used for Ayurvedic purpose. Yashtimadhu / Mulethi may benefit in digestion, Immunity and Respiration.

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