Wheatgrass 500 gm Powder – Saver Pack

  • Ayurvedic life offers meticulously crafted products from the heart of India.
  • Wheatgrass is carefully grown so that one gets what mother nature has to offer. Certified organic in accordance with U.S.D.A and Indian standards along with being RAW, VEGAN
  • Ayurvedic life Wheatgrass is hygienically processed to maintain its optimum quality and its Super-food nature
  • Ayurvedic life Wheatgrass powder is a source of vitamins and minerals that maintain healthy body system.


Revered as the “father of all foods, ” Wheatgrass has been eaten for centuries by people seeking a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins. Ayurvedic life Wheatgrass powder is the most nutritious Wheatgrass available, having been grown and packaged with the same exquisite care as our other healthy products. Certified Organic. Can be used effectively with smoothies and other beverages.

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