DIGES HERBO – 60 Tablets

  • Effective Relief from Constipation. Richness of Natural Active Ingredients helps to keep gut healthy.
  • Ayurvedic medicine with essential herbal ingredients to relieve from constipation.
  • Safe & Effective: Herbs used in the formulation provides broad spectrum results without any side effects & adversities. Feel light & active all day long
  • 4 Benefits : 1. Healthy Digestion 2. Healthy metabolism Easy to Use 4. Overnight Relief
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Diges Herbo Tablet is a unique formulation enriched with powerful Ayurvedic ingredients like Triphala, Ajma, Jeera, Belgarbha. It gently cleanses & soothes intestinal walls ensuring regular bowel movement without any abdominal cramps and is also effective on associated problems like gas, acidity, & flatulence. Now experience relief from chronic constipation with Digeshills tablet anywhere. Feel light & active all day long. Dosage:1-2 tablets to be taken with water after meals or as advised by the physician. Individual results may vary, dose may be adjusted accordingly. The product is not recommended during Pregnancy. 3 In 1 Benefit: 1. Overnight relief 2. No abdominal cramps 3. Easy to use.

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